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Turmeric is well known spice, especially in India and other Asian countries. But not many people know that it’s also very healthy. It is a yellow pigmented spice regularly used in Indian kitchen, but it has been used for medicinal purposes in Chinese medicine and Ayurveda.

The main ingredient of turmeric is curcumin. Scientists claim that curcumin has more than 150 healthy properties. It is also capable of crossing the blood brain barrier, which is why it’s used for neurological disorders.

Scientists have researched curcumin for its potential health benefits in case of Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s disease and stroke.

Curcumin is similar to vitamin D in a way that both modulate large amounts of your genes. The difference is that vitamin D works on thousands of genes and curcumin on the other hand works on around 700 genes.

Curcumin inserts itself inside of your cells membranes and changes the physical properties of membrane itself, making it healthier.

It can also interact with DNA and RNA, HIV,histone, cell survival proteins, inflammatory molecules etc.

Turmeric/Kurkuma helps regenerate our brain stem cells

Recent research on animals showed the turmeric can increase the growth of brain stem cells up to eighty percent, these neurological stem cells help repair our brain. It can be use for recovery in cases of Alzheimer disease, stroke etc.

Another research showed that cells that were bathed in the turmeric mixture were able to specialize in to certain types of brain cells much faster.

People with Alzheimer’s disease usually have higher inflammation in their brains, and curcumin is a worry strong anti-inflammatory herb.

Turmeric could be one of the most popular herbs in the world

Turmeric is not beneficial only for keeping the brain healthy. It has other healing properties for other parts of our bodies. A study from “natural product reports”done in 2011 claims that turmeric is beneficial in case of liver and lung problems, neurological diseases, metabolic diseases, cardiovascular diseases, inflammatory diseases, autoimmune diseases.

For example, the study showed that curcumin helps people with arthritis. The study claims that people who suffered from arthritis added two hundred milligrams of curcumin per day to their meals and that reduced arthritis pain and mobility significantly.

The study showed that curcumin prevented body to launch a protein, that starts/triggers swelling and pain.

Turmeric research showed that curcumin/turmeric is beneficial in case of high cholesterol levels, low-density lipoprotein oxidation, suppressing thrombosis, suppressing diabetes symptoms, suppressing the symptoms of delete rheumatoid arthritis, protect against radiation, metal toxicity, HIV, suppressing multiple sclerosis symptoms, suppresses tumor formation, speeds up wound healing, protects liver, increases bile secretion, protects the eyes against Cataracts, etc.

Curcumin is a strong anticancer herb

Dr. William LaValley spends years studying the health effects of curcumin. He claims that curcumin is a safe option for treating cancer. He also claims that curcumin is non-toxic and can be used in treating all kinds of cancer. It can destroy cancer and also promote the creation of new healthy cells. His study showed that curcumin is effective in healing cancer.

Curcumin usage

Oral consumption of turmeric spice is not the preferred method of curcumin usage. Our bodies can absorb only one percent of turmeric herb. Turmeric herb also contains only 3% of curcumin. So it’s advisable to buy a curcumin extract free of all chemicals, preservatives. It’s advisable that you buy your curcumin extract. Your body will have a better chance to get the right dose of curcumin from consuming extract.

Dr. LaValley recommends 3 g of good curcumin extract, 4 times per day. It is advisable to mix the curcumin powder with coconut oil, for better absorption.