Rich Piana Has Serious Health Problems

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Just watch this video. I explain why I think so and give some proof. This guy is like a monster, very big, he trains a lot, that is true, but also substances like synthol gave him fake muscles. Furthermore his health is totally jacked up. If you look at him, he can hardly breath anymore. He is breathing really hard. This is a sign of heart problem, heart not getting enought oxygen.

Also his knees are a mess. His left knee is without cartilage, and he is only over 40 yo. This usually happen to really fat people, or people who got a inflamation in their bodies. Cartilage gets inflamed, and slowly disentigrates.

The solution is fake knee replacement. Yes he will soon be walking with titanium knees. Poor guy can’t even walk anymore. He always parks right in front of the store, he rather gets a 100 usd ticket every day then walk few feet.

Then there is problem with blood. His healthy HDL cholesterol lever were once 7 points. The recommended healthy level should be >50 points.