Psych-Drugs Harm – Peter Gøtzsche From Denmark Tears Apart Modern Psychiatry

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This is a good video, if you were damaged by modern psychiatry. From my point of view it is one of the biggest sham in the world. A disgrace of modern world. I so agree with this guy. So many people were killed by shrinks, pharma, pushed drugs, over prescribed drugs, even for small babies….

These people are for me criminals, who basically have the right to permanently damage people, people who are sometimes different, but as soon they are not labeled normal, based on their DSM book, they are labeled crazy, possibly on a path of being sicker and sicker.

It is scary, how shrinks are not reprimanded for their crimes.

He talks about how shrinks are bought by pharma, they get money from them, awards, trips, etc…Also he talks about how psychiatry still relies on studies done 60 years ago. How antidepressants are not effective at all.

I love this guy….and of course talking about how the forced treatment should be banned…