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So here it is folks….this is his workout

This is his official 2017 Jason Statham’s workout regime:

Chin-ups  10 reps/10 secs rest

He’s doing 10 reps with 10 seconds rest. His hanging with  straight arms  and then pulling his chest as close to the bar as possible, making sure  his head goes over the bar. Then he is slowly lowering his body back down.

Sled Sprint  10 seconds work/10 seconds rest

He likes to drag heavy metal. That makes his legs grow and also he boost his cardiovascular system. He usually drags barbell plates that are connected to his weight belt.

Bench dips 10 reps/10 seconds rest

He grips bench behind him, he has his arms and legs outstretched, he bends his elbows  as far as he can go down, before he explosively pushes his body back up. He sometimes puts  20 kg  weight in his lap..

Kettle bell farmers walk  20 seconds work/10 seconds rest

He uses this technique to carve his V shaped back.. He holds 2 barbells by his side and he keeps his arms strong and then walks short but very fast, as fast as possible. Then he turns around and walks back.

Hanging leg raises  10 reps/10 seconds rest

He grips a bar over his head with straight legs then he pulls/raises his legs to his abs with his core strenght. He keeps them in that position for a while and then he lowers them back down.

Rowing machine   200 m row/60 seconds rest

He keeps his core tight, his shoulders down and arms stretched. He initiates the push with his legs and just before he straightens them, he pulls his arms back. He returns by extending his arms before bending his legs.


So this is Jasons Statham work out, enjoy it and start moving your body.