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Mercury one of the most is one of the most toxic substances in the world. It is especially dangerous to embryos, prenatal babies and babies in early stages of their lives. It can affect our nervous, digestive, and immune system, it can also damage our lungs, skin, kidneys, eyes, and other vital body organs.

Mercury can be found in our environment, mostly as a result of human activities, mining, waste incineration. When the Mercury is released, it changes from elemental mercury into methyl mercury and slowly accumulates itself in sea animals, for example, fishes, clams, etc.

Usually human gets exposed to mercury from consuming seafood and inhaling the Mercury when working in certain industries.

World Health Organization confirms this problem and warns us how toxic Mercury is, and on the other hand, amalgam fillings are still used in the world today, because they’re cheap. Even though composite fillings have been on the market for several years, some dentists still use amalgam in their dental practice.

It has been proven many times how Mercury negatively affects our bodies, and how dangerous Mercury really is.

New research shows that the Mercury contamination can be seen in human hair.

Scientists usually measure the Mercury contamination in humans by measuring their hair for the concentration of methylmercury. Hair tests are usually used for measuring exposure of Mercury from seafood consumption. For exposure to mercury from other sources like for example elemental and inorganic Mercury scientists usually analyze our blood and urine.

Studies have shown that exposure to mercury, and high levels of mercury in our bodies can be the result of amalgam fillings.

Scientist Jean-Paul Bourdineaud, professor of environmental toxicology at the University of Bordeaux, France, claims that urinary Mercury concentration test is usually the most accurate and widely used biomarker for finding out the levels of chronic mercury exposure to mercury vapor and divalent Mercury. But inorganic Mercury from dental amalgams can be detected also with hair tests because it has distinct intermolecular structure that is different from methyl Mercury from consuming seafood.

Increased levels of mercury connected to improper Mercury amalgam removal.

Scientists thought that hair tests only showed Mercury contamination from seafood consumption. But that may not be the case. Because the hair grows only one centimeter per month, the Mercury contamination can be pinpointed to specific time in the past.

Study showed that  levels of mercury contamination in a specific person hugely increased in the time when that person got his amalgam fillings removed. The test that revealed that is called x-ray nano fluorescence and it shows even the removal of single Mercury amalgam filling. This can help improve treatment and give us valuable information for further research of how dangerous amalgam fillings really are.

American dental Association still claims amalgam is safe to use.

American dental Association still claims there is no risk to health when using amalgam fillings. But the latest research showed that even a removal of one dental amalgam filling can spike the Mercury levels in our body. American dental Association ignores this study and still supports the study done in 1997, that claims, that removal of amalgam fillings from our mouth poses no risk to our health.

They also support the 2004 study with insufficient data that claims there is no correlation between Mercury dental amalgam and related health complaints, hypersensitivity to mercury amalgams fillings, etc. which current studies. It’s now possible to look at our hair and see what is the level of mercury and when did the spike of mercury level occurred.

Why does American Dental Association still claim that the amalgam is safe to use. The lawyer James Turner has an answer. He claims that the American Dental Association tries to avoid all kinds of product liability suits by patients who have become ill from mercury exposure in their dental fillings.

American dental Association in one lawsuit claimed that they owe no legal duty of care to protect the public from allegedly dangerous products used by dentists. The American dental Association did not manufacture, design, supply or install the Mercury containing amalgams… Dissemination of information related to the practice of dentistry does not create a duty of care to protect the public from potential injury.

How to safely remove mercury fillings

Featured study showed that unsafe removal of our Mercury amalgam fillings can expose us to high levels of toxic Mercury. That is why it’s very important to find a qualified biological dentist that knows how to remove the amalgam as safely as possible.

When the dentist removes amalgam from our teeth, he has to drill it out. During that time, a large amount of vapors are released from mercury fillings. Your body can absorb these vapors and store them inside the fat tissues, bones and other parts of our body. The Mercury can stay there for decades and cause all kinds of health problems.

Biological dentists use specific protocol to remove amalgam fillings. This protocol usually contains the following:

they provide you with alternative air source and you are advised not to breathe through mouth.

  • They use cold water sprays to minimize the vapor from mercury fillings.
  • Decking your protective wear and face immediately after the removal of mercury.
  • They put a rubber dam in your mouth so you don’t swallow the feelings or inhale the toxins and they use a high volume evacuator that pulls the air from the tooth.
  • That buys it to wash your mouth immediately after the filling was removed.
  • They use room air purifiers

What is inside your amalgam fillings?

It is estimated that around 75 percent of people are still ignorant of the danger that amalgam can cause to your body. The American dental Association use the term silver fillings so people would think that feelings are made from silver and not from mercury and in fact a regular amalgam filling has twice as much Mercury as silver.

Mercury is one of the most hazardous neurotoxins and even a small amount of mercury in our body can create a total havoc. It is so toxic that if you would spill a Mercury that is inside a regular thermometer inside the lake, that would be closed down you to environmental hazard.

The amount much higher than that is already put in your mouth when you receive your ”silver” filling.

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