Jaakko Seikkula, Ph.D. And Open Dialogue Psychological Treatment In Finland

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Open dialogue is a Finnish approach to curing psychological problems in people. It uses much more friendlier approach then regular psychotherapy, and the results are much more promising.

From the statistics 85% of so called labeled patients who “have” schizophrenia came off drugs with this treatment and went back to work. Same goes for other so called “DSM diseases that shrinks use to label and fuck people up.”

This approach is really promising. It is widely used in western Finland. Finland used to have the largest number of suicides on the world. However, now, they have the best statistics in the world. Just imagining people getting well from shrinks in the western world. In fact, once you are in the system, you will not get out. You are labeled crazy, a danger, and have to take meds for the rest of your life. That is not the case with open dialogue. They use much less meds in the process, and the goal is to come off them. Not with regular shrinks where they put you on more and more meds all the time.

Research this guy, Jaakko Seikkula you will hear more great things about him in the future.