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I just came across this video on YouTube where two guys were talking about this drug invented in Japan by Satoshi Ōmura, a Japanese scientist. Dr. William Wong in this video is praising this drug. He’s a doctor and he claims what an amazing drug this ivermectin is. He claims it is perfectly safe for human consumption and that it kills 99% of parasites in a human body with a really small dose.

It sounds like a scam, somebody claiming such a high cure percentage. But after further investigation, it really works. The doctor in this video claims that this drug is not used widely because pharmaceutical companies are afraid of competition. He claims that 5 mL of ivermectin should remove most of the parasites in the human body. He says that 5 mL is enough for a human whose weight is approximately 50 kg. So if your weight is a hundred kilos, you take 10 mL of ivermectin.

You can read more about ivermectin by visiting this link . Ivermectin is also FDA approved medicine and it’s predominantly used for specific parasite illnesses like river blindness etc. From my experience, people are infested with parasites especially if they eat lots of meat.

Parasites cause all kind of problems in our bodies so if this drug really works I think it deserves an article here on my website. The doctor in this video also claims that ivermectin is perfectly safe, but he has no side effects. But on the Wikipedia site, you can find a paragraph mentioning that ivermectin can cause toxicity in our nervous system. So I don’t know who is right or wrong, the doctor order or the Wikipedia.

Also some dog species a really allergic to this ivermectin.

But further research leads me to believe that ivermectin should be safe for human consumption because it’s made from natural ingredients that are generated as fermentation products by Streptomyces avermitilis, a soil actinomycete. Satoshi even received the Nobel Prize in 2015 for discovering ivermectin. Why people don’t know more about this drug is really a good question. It is not synthetically derived, it’s hundred percent natural. But still, it’s mostly used for animals.

This makes me wonder how money hungry pharmaceutical industry really is. Only a money hungry industry that kills people with drugs would hide something like ivermectin from the general public. Check the video below and do your own research.

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