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Well here is my story, finally. Something really is not right here. Apparently I do not eat enough food, and that is the reason I am obese? I am FREAKING OBESE. All my life I was lean. Last few years I was overweight around 100 kg, or less but packing muscles…. I still had some fat.

But then I came back from Brazil and I ballooned up to 115 kg. So yes I am an obese 100 % vegan now. I don’t understand how that could happen. YOu see all these vegans stuffing their mouths with so much vegan food and they are still lean.

I have decided to really track what I eat now and ask you people for your comments…. I was exercising for a while each day, p90x etc….and it helped a bit but not a lot. I thought I must eat too much food. But today, for example I consumed only freaking 1400 calories.

I am 42 yo, weight 115 kg, my height is 187 cm….yeah I am obese, or at least this program says I am and I believe I really am. I am not overweight anymore, I AM FREAKING OBESE!!!! And it is disgusting.

I input all my data in this TDEE Calculator and here is what I got

tbee calculator weight loss

As you can see my ideal weight is around 80 kg, which I had 20 years ago. I would not feel good at such low weight, because I like to be strong. So my ideal weight is around 100 kilos. Like I was 4 years ago. Then suddenly I ballooned to 115 kilos.

I decided to document all my daily food intake and exercise. Today I eat big home made pizza, 3 oranges and  5 persimmons and drank 3 glasses of water…. I thought I went overboard with pizzy, but no…I was still 200 calories under recommended 1600 calories. I am using myfitnesspal.com, great program.

Today was 18th of december, I even put  30 minutes of yoga in.  They say if I eat like today  this will happen……..You’d weigh 107.1 kg in 5 weeks . Yeah right

You’d weigh 107.1 kg in 5 weeks

From my experience I simply do not believe this program, or similar programs. I just don’t loose weight. It does not happen. I will try to update this article each day for a week. But something is wrong with my body. I never seen obese vegan, that eats to clean as me and is so overweight.