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Years ago I came across an article about zappers and how they heal your body. The inventor of the zapper was Hulda Clark. She created this small machine that you can carry around and was powered by a 9V battery. People claimed all kind of benefits from the zappers. I tried it approximately two years ago and I felt better. But the zapper was really limited. It had only three frequencies that you can use to target your body. So I was researching further. I came across a term called rifing. The inventor or rifing was a guy called Royal Rife. 

He invented this amazing microscope with which he could observe all the viruses, bacteria’s, fungi etc. under extremely high magnification.

They claim that people destroyed his microscope and we were not able to create something stronger to observe all these small creatures today. So that is the whole dilemma that his enemies destroyed his microscope so he was not able to develop his frequency healing further. Apparently, pharmaceutical companies were afraid a theory like that would be widely used all over the world. Maybe that was true or not, who knows.

By observing all the small creatures under the microscope he was able to find out which frequencies kill specific bacteria’s, viruses, fungi etc. But without a microscope, his theory would just die. At least that is what his enemies thought. He created this list of thousands of frequencies before he died where he noted which frequency kills which bacteria, virus etc.

That is how the rifing started. The rife machines today are pretty expensive. We’re talking about the machines where you are able to target your body with a specific frequency. But like I said these rife machines are really expensive. After buying zapper and reading about Royal Rife I found out about the spooky rife machine. It was affordable and I bought it. So here is the video I just made where show you how this machine works and how I use it.